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American Thanksgiving In South Korea

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

The holidays can be a difficult time for expats living in a different country. This is no different from the expats here in South Korea. The time from Thanksgiving until Christmas Day is when we miss our families the most, so I figured it would be a helpful gesture to provide just a little bit of holiday cheer to the people in my community. Not just to expats but to the Koreans here as well. Everyone deserves happiness.

How did you provide this holiday cheer you ask? By giving out free food, of course!

Lit  Lounge Free Thanksgiving Dinner in South Korea

If free food doesn't make you happy then you're probably on the wrong website.

It was kind of hard for me to set everything up since I only have one hand at the moment (I have a cast on), but with the help of my friends, we were able to make it happen!

Thankfully, the turn out and response was great! Every seat in the house was filled, the guests were very happy with the quality of the food and of course we had to show the World Cup Game (Korea v . Uruguay) and break out the hookah once everyone was finished eating!

We're grateful for having such a wonderful community of people to share our Thanksgiving holiday with. This event went so the well that we've decided that we're going to do a free Christmas Dinner on Sat. Dec. 24. If you want to join, please click her to RSVP!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!'



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