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How Is It A Hip-Hop Lounge Without Breakdancing?

Yes, Lit Lounge is a humble Hip Hop hookah lounge. We're not sure if people primarily come to us for the hookah, the drinks or the music (or maybe a mix of all three), but we certainly do our best to make sure everyone is satisfied from the beginning of their visit to the very end. However, there's another element to our lounge that we feel is just as important, events.

Events are how we engage and connect with our supporters on a deeper level. It's more than just picking some random idea and throwing it at the wall to see if it sticks. We're truly listening to our customers and deciphering what they want and need from the establishments that they visit; and something that has consistently popped up during conversation is the need to be truly entertained.

Here in Itaewon, drinks, music and hookah are everywhere. They aren't special commodities, however, unique experiences and interesting events are. So, when someone approached me about having a bboy event at Lit Lounge, I instantly knew that this needs to happen. Honestly, it makes sense, we already have all of the elements of Hip Hop infused into Lit Lounge, we were just missing the break dancing aspect; and this is how "Breaking Itaewon" was born.

The main purpose of "Breaking Itaewon" is to build community and get people to interact with each other by hosting a fun and light-hearted cypher event at Lit Lounge in Itaewon. This event will bring breakers from the Korean, foreign and university scenes, as well as other breakers/dancers together that might find the larger more competitive events a bit intimidating. This is an event where breakers of all levels can enjoy each other's talent and share the space together.

During the event, 2-3 Breaking Cypher Champions will be selected by 3 hidden judges who will be walking around cyphers and getting down with everyone else. They will receive a “Lit Cypher Champ” trophy designed by Leroy Brown, 50,000won in cash and 1 free bottle per winner.

But wait! There’s a twist: when people register at the door, they will be given a note with a “secret mission” call-out. During the 2 hours of cyphering, they will have to call out another dancer with that task on it. Examples include: calling someone out but you can’t use your right leg, calling someone out and you must use 3 burns, calling someone out and you have to incorporate a well-known party dance into your call out (dougie, stanky leg, flossing etc.).

All in all, we want to bring different factions of the breaking and Hip Hop community together where people will have a fun time and connect with other dancers. This will be an event that bridges the breaking community together where people can jump in cyphers of all levels. Lit Lounge is for the people, including the breakers. Thank you for reading and we'll see you on Saturday, January 14! Stay lit 🔥

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