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How To Get Holiday Cheer? Go To A Holiday Market!

Handmade Market Korea (HMK) is the creator of the largest online market in South Korea and purveyor of the finest handmade goods for your purchasing pleasure at their offline markets. Dedicating years to their craft of arts & crafts, HMK has become the go to place to obtain gifts that you cannot easily find anywhere else. The real beauty here is in their spirit of collaboration. In order for these markets to be truly effective, small business owners are needed to provide their unique products, networking power and most of all their faith that their products and brand will be represented with the care and quality that HMK has been boasting for years.

With all of this in mind, it's truly an honor that Lit Lounge will be the site for Handmade Market Korea's next Holiday Market. This Saturday on Dec. 17, 1-6pm, visit Lit Lounge for your chance to get your hands on handmade goods that you won't able to find anywhere else. During this event there will drinks available, both of alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties, coffee, snacks, GREAT music and of course handmade gifts!

Handmade Market Korea. Holiday Market 2022 . Lit Lounge Itaewon
Handmade Market Korea - Holiday Market @ Lit Lounge Itaewon

We hope to see you at Lit Lounge this Saturday for HMK's Holiday Market. We also hope you'll come back for Lit Lounge's White Party on the same night! Please send us a message if you have any questions. Thanks for reading and, of course, stay lit 🧨.

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