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Whatchu Doin For New Years? Going To A Masquerade Party, Duh!

Thaaaat's right! This will be Lit Lounge's first NYE Celebration in Seoul, South Korea. So what better way to bring in the New Year in Itaewon than with a masquerade party? Here are the details:

  1. Its free entry - that's right, FREE ENTRY. But you have to buy a drink in order to get a mask

  2. VIP Tables are available - click here to reserve a table before they're all sold out

  3. There's a 50,000 won ALL YOU CAN DRINK option from 9-11pm. Yes, you read that correctly!

  4. There is most definitely a dress code. Dress to impress. Suits, blazers, dresses, etc. If you come in with sweat pants or something you wear to a seafood restaurant, you will be (politely of course) asked to leave. Don't come in to Lit Lounge lookin' like you just woke up 🤨

We hope that this year's 2022 New Years Eve party will be an exciting one for you, 'cause we're definitely tryna start 2023 off right. See you at Lit Lounge on Saturday, December 31! The address is Itaewon-dong 34-65 (이태원동 34-65). Stay Lit!

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