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How To Survive A (Health or Social) Pandemic As A Business

How were you able to survive Corona? I got asked this question a lot last year. Now I'm constantly hearing this one: How are you surviving in Itaewon after the Halloween incident? Well ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to let you in on a few of the ingredients of my secret sauce. For me and my customers, it all boils down to one thing: Events.

Pinnacle TheHustler DJ Set In Itaewon, South Korea.
Pinnacle TheHustler DJ Set In Itaewon, South Korea

Hosting events is a great way to keep your existing clientele interested and engaged in your business and can also attract new patrons as well. The point is, you want to keep your business active so that you stay in the forefront of people's minds and on the tips of their tongues. However, good or great events don't just automagically happen; it takes careful planning and execution to ensure that your event is a success. Here's what I do make sure I host a successful event:

  1. Focus on my target audience

  2. My primary genre is Hip-Hop and R&B. So I can be flexible when it comes to funk, soul, pop, sometimes even classic rock songs and funky house remixes. However, I have to remember that as a Hip-Hop event, I cannot structure it like an EDM event and I have to make sure the music, and the vibe matches my customers expectations.

  3. Choose the right date and time

  4. It's probably not a good idea to do Ladies Nights on Tuesdays during a pandemic. I have to think about the customer first, so if I'm going to do weekday events, I should consider including food and drinks specials. However, if I'm doing something on the weekends, I should incorporate some kind of social element. It may be a dance contest or may be a huge game that includes all of the patrons.

  5. Create an interesting theme

  6. A compelling theme or concept can help to attract people and create a buzz around your event. You could create a costume party, watch a popular sports event, movie night, etc, etc, etc. The possibilities are truly endless, you just have to be creative.

  7. Promote your event

  8. I know this sounds obvious, but you have to do more than just post on social media and be done with it. Promotion is a continuous thing that you have to do in order to bring in a good crowd. Once the event is planned, start promoting it as soon as possible. Also, make sure to use all the tools available to you: social media, email marketing, direct messages, word of mouth and other online tools to reach your target audience and generate excitement around your event.

  9. Hire the right staff

  10. This is SO IMPORTANT. You definitely need to make sure you have enough staff available to manage the crowd, but you need to make sure you hire the right people. The staff represent you and your business. Choosing the wrong people could change people's opinion about your brand in a negative way. So choose wisely.

  11. Follow up with the guests

  12. After the event, make sure to contact people and get feedback about the event. If you want to improve future events, this is how you do it.

These are just a few ways I keep my business moving forward during a slow period. The next time someone asks "how do you survive during a pandemic?" I'm going to send them this post! Thank you for reading and, well, you know... stay lit!

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